People's Creativity By Justice Markandey Katju

Article Written by Justice Markandey Katju

 People's Creativity 

Many people ask what can the agitating farmers do now when the government is refusing to budge from its stand of not repealing the 3 laws in question ? My reply is that they will use their creativity and devise new methods of struggle.
Human beings have a faculty called creativity.
In times of great historical crises and transformations, the people have often revealed this marvellous faculty which they have. 
For example, in the present ongoing farmers agitation, the Indian farmers have created the Kisan Ekta Morcha, the joint front of over 40 farmers organisations ( somewhat like the creation of Soviets by the workers of Russia in 1905, and then again in 1917 ). The farmers have smashed the barriers of caste and religion, which were till now dividing our people. They have devised new methods of protest, as one can see in this video
There are many other such instances of people using their creativity at historical junctures :
1. In the American War of Independence ( 1775-81 ) the then 13 American states created the Continental Congress and the Continental Army under Gen George Washington. They devised novel methods of struggle against the British rulers, e.g. the Boston Tea Party, guerilla war by Francis Marion ( the Swamp Fox ), etc.
2. In the French Revolution of 1789, the Third Estate, using their creativity, declared itself the National Assembly and took the famous Tennis Court Oath. The great achievement of the French Revolution was destruction of feudalism, and to attain this end the people used their creativity by setting up the National Convention and the Committee of Public Safety, and by establishing a national army by the levee en masse to face the armies of their enemies, the kings of Europe.
3. In the Chinese Revolution, the Chinese leaders devised the method of guerilla and protracted warfare to face a superior enemy.
Thus, the farmers will surely use their creativity and devise new forms of struggle and agitation. What these will be only time can tell.