A Businessman has arrested for pornography: Raj Kundra

 A Businessman has arrested for pornography: Raj Kundra

By-Khushi Bhanushali

28th July,2021 

  Raj Kundra is a British Indian Businessman. Husband of famous celebrity Shilpa Shetty. He was arrested by police on the night of July 19, for production and distribution of pornographic content.  There is controversial apps for adult content that is Hotshots. A Viaan industries & kenrin Ltd., London both the companies worked on these mobile app developed by Kenrin Ltd. Raj Kundra reportedly supplied the content & controlled the U.K firm from his industry. According to report, Raj Kundra and his team pocketed an average of ₹5 lakh per movie that was released on mobile application, including Hotshots. There are two girls who has given the statement against Raj Kundra. Sherlyn chopra told that, they has been forced by Kundra into shooting the A-rated films. Another one poonam pandey said that working with Raj Kundra was the biggest mistake of her life. She also mentioned that they use to hack her phone & also blackmail after she refuse to work with them for that app. On the other hand, Shilpa Shetty was totally break down she confessed that, she has no idea about his husband’s actions.

        The police told that, a businessman was earning money from the illegal activity of making & distributing pornographic material. Raj Kundra to police custody till 27 July, Kundra was booked under sections 292, 293 ( sale of obscene material) under the Indian penal code, sections 67. After he arrest the police also conducted searches in his offices, residence on July 20. While searching the police has caught some disk with 51 obscene videos, SAN boxes, eight servers. They also found the chats with Pradeep Baksi found some list of total 119 movies, the movies sold for 1.2 million dollars. The police also found huge inflow of money in the accounts of accused from international accounts in dollar or pounds. 

       Another company, named JL Stream, owned by Raj Kundra has also under the scanner. Crime branch also asked some questions to Shilpa Shetty and recorded her response. They also investigated in her house that is located in Juhu. Crime branch will soon check the bank account of Shilpa shetty as it was used by Kundra to publish porn content. Sagarika suman also accused against Raj Kundra of demanding nudes for audition. Mumbai court on Wednesday rejected the bail. Police also finds hidden cupboard in his office. Actress Gehena vasisth gave the detailed statement for facing serious allegations of making obscene videos by Raj Kundra. SEBI has fined upto ₹3 lakh on the Viaan industries.

     Karan Kundra has spoken about the unwanted comments using his name instead of Raj Kundra. During the police searching the Shilpa’s house, she also shouted on Raj for ruining her family’s reputation. Police questioned Shilpa shetty twice about her involvement as she was also partner in Raj Kundra’s created Hotshots company, but she didn’t accept has she already resigned from that post. Shilpa has stated that defamatory articles and videos published in her name has lowered her image in front of her fans, followers. She has demanded from some media houses , deletion of all defamatory content and a compensation of ₹25 crore. According to PTI, Raj Kundra earned ₹ 1.17 crore from last five months from the alleged porn apps. As per sources his four employees are against him. As Raj Kundra’s bail denied by court, his lawyer questioned the basis on which police asked: “Is the accused a terrorist?” On the other hand, the court has granted bails to poonam pandey and sherlyn chopra, stating that no coercive action will taken on these duo. Mumbai Police called Raj Kundra a “key conspirator” and charged him with cheating and for obscene and indecent advertisements and displays under various sections of the Indian Penal Code.